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Funny Videos & Pics: Break.com

by Break Media

(318 user ratings)


Download size: 78.24MB
Version: 5.7
Released: 2009-12-04
For ages: 17+

***Get your daily dose of distraction with millions of Funny Videos***

Break is the #1 source for funny videos and pictures. We bring you the best videos every day for the very low price of FREE! Get the hilarious videos, blogs, and pictures today that will be viral tomorrow. These include epic fails, pranks and stunts, music parodies, cats pretending to be sharks, and more. Get the most awesome videos on Earth today, because being bored sucks.

Here is what you will get every day:

- A 24/7 stream of new funny content, all day, every day, perfect for when you need a break at work, are bored at home, or waiting in line, anywhere.

- Picture galleries of awesome pranks, epic fails, hilarious memes, cute girls, and crazy gifs. Basically, if it’s funny, we’ve got it.

- The ability to share your favorite video clips and funny images via text, email, Facebook, or Twitter

- Watch our awesome collection of original content like the Screen Junkies Show, celebrity web series Speakeasy, and Man at Arms

- Access to the newest movie trailers and the hilarious series Honest Trailers
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Customer Reviews
App needs updating

Up until a few months ago, this app worked beautifuly and was updated by the minute. It’s so outdated now that I deleted it. The website in the other hand works great

Now crap

Once a fine video site, the easy functionality is now lost. Can no longer login so all my favorites are gone. Trying to send an email on their site doesn't work. Unfortunately, this fun app is gone. It's now cumbersome to use. It's garbage. Why? Defymedia ruined it.

Not working

Used to love this app. Now it just flat out doesn’t work. Also, their web site is not very Mobile phone friendly


APP doesn’t load new content. Ads galore. Delete worthy.


App doesn't work. Uninstalled over a year ago because nothing worked. Decided to give it a shot today. Still doesn't work. Why have this app available and so many issues.


I don’t understand why a non functioning app is still offered on the App Store

App doesn’t work

Why not pull the app from the Apple store if it doesn’t work?


Same homepage for the last year.

Fix it!!!

I’ve held onto the app with the hopes that it would work again...fast forward 6-8 months...still frozen...and nothing updated. Not sure if you got flagged by YouTube too many times...but if that’s the case...SHUT IT DOWN!?!? What are you waiting for???

Doesn’t even work LOL

What more can I say? This app doesn’t even work


Use to be lot of fun.... on PC. Doesn’t load, I don’t have time for this

It’s Done, App Is Discontinued.

It’s fair to say that they’ve discontinued the break app across all platforms after close to a year of nothing being added to it. The last time they updated it was shortly before everything gradually became no more, sad. And some time between then and now nothing shows nor will anything load, but they certainly can post content to twitter and facebook though.🤔 Break you guys responded to my last review to no question make yourself look good but you can’t always do that and this is one of those circumstances. Probably why no reviews show up despite it showing there’s over 300.🤨

No longer supported

Break stopped utilizing its app. The videos stopped being uploaded, but still played the old ones. Now none loads. Think they are done

Open Break...2nd time...still not loading

Can you please fix the bug that’s keeping this app from loading or opening... 2nd Review... Ok Break...what’d I do to you...I’ve received no response and the app is still not loading. What’ya do’n (no emoji for arms outstretched/with head tilted to left side & lip sneer) 🤷🏽‍♀️ Y’all closed, right...? I understand now. At least make the emoji described above...jk, y’all closed

Dose not work

Only the advertising loads no funny stuff. I deleted and reinstalled, it still dose not work...WAST OF TIME!!!

Won’t open

I haven’t been able to open this app for months. The developer website is closed down.

Used to be awesome

Used to visit every single day. Guess support just kinda stopped for Break. Hasn’t even loaded in like 8-9 months

App stopped updating

App stopped updating around March? Website is current but app doesn’t show any new videos added. This was a good app before!

It doesn’t even load

A wild back this App was OK. Now, it doesn’t even load. I checked periodically; load delete and reload. Each time the same problem: it doesn’t load all the way. It just stops. Please fix.

Bad app

This site and app was really good a few years ago but now I can’t even access any of the material. Break what happend?

App doesn’t work

It fails to load.

No Worky

Break is broke...again


Used to love this app but it no longer works- at all. I have an iPhone 7plus with the latest IOS update which made some apps outdated/unusable but Break isn't on that list so I don't know what the issue is. I've deleted, reinstalled, etc but nothing has worked. I'll delete permanently if it isn't fixed soon. Too bad because it was a cool app.

Left app to die

The app has not been updated for months now and no new content has been uploaded. They do not care about this anymore. Will be deleting.

No loading

Loved Break for years. App simply won’t load at all. I’ve a solid WiFi connection and data connection, tried reinstalling but still get nothing. Would love to give a 5 Star but if the app literally does nothing I just can’t.

Its not great

No longer getting updates or support

Not bad

Videos and their commentary are great, photo galleries need work- comments aren't accessible. The worst are the ads- every so many videos an ad starts prior, thing is, before the last update the ads would just start and stop; now they just freeze! Has me half tempted to delete it


Fix the app

No longer working

They no longer update the app, pics are the same as almost a year ago.

Abandoned App?

Looks abandoned as of July 2018.

Hasn’t worked for Months!

I guess after one of the updates the app decided to stop working. It stayed on a specific day with certain videos and never refreshed. Have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, keeps coming up failed to load and then the spinning wheel of death continues to twirl. Too bad I really enjoyed the app!!!

If you like ads you’ll love break.

Used to be a great and entertaining app. Not the app doesn’t load the website I think they just stopped supporting it. And to top it off you can’t go to the website either cause it’s nothing but those annoying redirect ads that open multiple times to make it impossible to click back. Go to the chive or something if you want entertainment this won’t be around much longer.

Is it still working?

Uh, your app doesn’t work anymore and there’s a lot of people out here, including myself, who really enjoyed it... What happened?...

Refuses to update videos

The app refuses to update the content. Still showing videos in the featured section from months ago

Hasn’t worked in 6 months.

The app used to work flawlessly. About 6 months ago it stopped working. Tried contacting customer support three times with no responses. Shame because this was truly an entertaining app.

App Does Not Work

Deleted and reloaded. Get the message “ Failed to Load “

Don’t Download

Every video is unable to load. Waste my time and effort. Trash.

Function it does not.


App is dead

Hasn’t been any content for months, is it coming back or is it time to put a fork in it?

Break is broken

The app has not worked in months and no one got back to me when I emailed for support. Was a good app not it is just wasted mb on my phone

App is dead!

Stopped adding new videos since for like 4months now. No new updates since feb. deleting it right now! I think the devs is over!

Won’t Open!

This app will not even open. It crashes every time!

Failed App!

I guess no more updates. Break.com is no longer here. Lost a fan due to incompetence. Good day sir. You loose.

Break does not work

Break is not working on iOS 11.4 Iphone . message : File does not Load Disappointed that Break hasn’t put a Fix in


TᕼIᔕ ᗩᑭᑭ Iᔕ ᕼOᖇᖇIᗷᒪE. IT ᗪOEᔕᑎ'T EᐯEᑎ ᒪOᗩᗪ ᗩᑎYTᕼIᑎG. ᔕᑌᑕᕼ ᗩ ᕼOᖇᖇIᗷᒪE ᗩᑭᑭ ᖴOᖇ ᗩ GᖇEᗩT ᔕITE. I'ᗰ ᗪIᔕᗩᑭᑭOIᑎTEᗪ 🤦🏽‍♀️

What a piece of junk

I have been unable to download a working version of this app. Technical support or customer doesn’t seem interested in getting the app operational. They made one attempt to work on it now they don’t acknowledge my issue or contact. Don’t waste your time.

One word; FAIL

App will not load anything on my iphone 6S. All that shows up is a red “Failed to load” message with a reload button beneath it, but it still fails to load even after hitting the reload button. That happens in every single category on the app. Useless waste of an app. 10/10 will never use this app again.

Does not work anymore

After years of being a Break App user, even through their terrible Ads, I stuck with them for some daily laughs. However, a few months ago this app stopped updating. It should either be updated to work or removed from the AppStore.

Wisk I could give 0 stars

No content on the app. Never recovered from problems several months ago. Why is this app still here?