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Funny Cat Jokes Laugh Out Loud

by Michael Quach

(3 user ratings)


Download size: 10.4MB
Version: 2.4.5
Released: 2010-01-12
For ages: 4+


Best Cat Jokes!

Have fun with this cool collection of "purr-fectly" funny one-liner cat jokes!

This is a great FREE app for cat lovers, but everyone can have a good laugh with these really cute cat and kitten jokes.

This cool app will surely put a smile on your face!

App Features:

- Save your favorite cat jokes!
- Share your favorite cat jokes via Email!
- SMS your favorite cat jokes!
- Post your favorite cat jokes directly to Facebook!


Great reviews from our loyal users:

"Cool jokes! This is a great app for kids and cat lovers!"

"OMG Amazing! Omg it's so amazing. Every time I go to school all kids are jealous cuz they can't get this game!"

"These are funny!"

"The jokes are really funny!"

"Funny! Kids will love these!"
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Customer Reviews

This app is 1 of my all time favorites




They are fun to tell people and get a good laugh from some peeps!!

Cute cat jokes

Even my husband not a cat lover enjoys the jokes. Refreshing and funny.

I like it

No glitches, no problems loading it. And, it shows you the jokes including the punch line! Without having to download another app and pay! Simple app, but cute.

Lol Really funny

I LOVE jokes!!! The problem with joke apps is they have rude jokes on them. But I haven't seen 1 yet. With this world it's hard to find an appropriate joke app but this one has it in the bag!!! I recommend it.

Ha ha ha

I loved it! but please more jokes


Haha cat r funny

My Review

I think that about one third of these jokes are funny. The rest are either stupid, common, or don't make any sense whatsoever. I would give this one & one half stars ( a third of 5), but I can't , so I rounded up.

Love it

I loved it! My nickname is cat!!!!!$!!!

Some are stupid :/

Theres not many jokes, add some more plz! /\___/\ ( >< ) (...) (...)

Cat jokes

The jokes are verry funny.

Cats rule

Best app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!:):p


This is so funny but some don't make sence


I think the jokes are pretty funny and if you don't like it don't tell other people no t to get it it's their desicion!!!


So funny I all most pee

Lol funny😂

For lovers of cat and lovers of jokes😃😀😄


I ack a jock to my friend and she was hustaracl lashing till she was on the floor


Don't download this game. It is soooooo stupid. I deleted it after 1 minute or less. Don't waste your time like i did. Oh and if I could I would give 0 stars for this crap of an app. I hate it.


These jokes are fun to make fun so it's a great app😄😄😄. By LsATS

It's ok

A lot of jokes were funny,but some were just copy's that were changed so that they actually had something to do with cats. :(

Super hilarious jokes

I know this is only for cat-lovers and little kids, but who can't resist from staying away from this cute app? And I AM a catlover! :D


This app is a cat-astrophe ;) but yeah the jokes are terrible. They're good for cat lovers and little kids though! :)


Very creative and hilarious jokes!


It was a CATastrophe

I like it!

This game has interesting and funny jokes. It makes me, my friends, and my and my family. I just love it!


This app is great for cat lovers and children, i wish u could submit ur own jokes like "where does a car keep its money?". "in its paw-kit" LOL i love this app


This app is well rounded for littler kids. It is clean and will give your kids a giggle. Some of the joke's repeat ever so often, other than that I would recommend it to kids, and cat lovers.


Some of the jokes are okay, but most of them either don't make sense or aren't funny, Also, the jokes just repeat, so there aren't that many.


The jokes aren't even funny & they are really bad top👎


Worst jokes ever!who envented this stupid game!?!?!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!i would not get this game if I were u!!!!

Cool jokes

This is a great app for kids and cat lovers.but some jokes were stupid I laughed at almost all of m but 1 or 2 of m weren't funny

Omg amazing

Omg it's sooo amazing :) every time I I to school all kids are jealous cuz they can't get this game! Ever sense I got this game I've been the popularity girl in school, ladies get this game!

Umm ok

O to the m to the g omg you get every cat joke again and again there is not one that made me or my mom laugh!!!!! So not cool!


Ok but sota sucky

OK jokes

It's a really cute app, ( especially for cat lovers) but some of the jokes aren't that great.

cat jokes

not very funny gonna get rid if it.

Cat Jokes

The jokes are really funny if you look at this App you should get it I would have given this App 4 stars but I did that and it did a flash back.

Cute and funny

I think these jokes are kinda funny. Kids will love these, and it's free!! 4 stars!

Funny and stupid

Some were stupid then...some were funny...