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Self Advocacy Board Game

by Rule the School

(6 user ratings)


Download size: 46.28MB
Version: 1.1.3
Released: 2011-08-16
For ages: 4+


Rule the School Self-Advocacy Board Game © 2008 Monica Faherty

Students with hearing loss must have the knowledge and ability to speak up for themselves and their needs in regular classrooms in order to have equal access to their educational environment as mandated by IDEA 2004. Teach and practice basic knowledge and socially appropriate ways for students with hearing loss to advocate for themselves. Students learn and review vocabulary such as middle ear, audiogram, etc. and problem solve commonly occurring scenarios in a board game format. Data sheets and sample IEP goals can be downloaded from www.rule-the-school.com. The game can be individualized by using only the vocabulary and challenges applicable to your student or child.

Appropriate for: Grades 2 through High School and Parent Education
Number of Players: 2

Rule the School believes in helping students with hearing loss learn to help themselves. Visit us at www.rule-the-school.com.
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Customer Reviews

Great concept.... But the app is limited for the price. Wish there were more vocabulary words covered.... And more social situations... Arrangement is odd. End game button too close to next player and hit accidentally. After playing twice all is covered and kids were bored. i considered getting the board game but at $60. Is it worth it or just as limited?

Love it!

This makes being an itinerant a ton easier! It's somewhat hard to read on an iPod...but that might be my excuse for an iPad!!! Thank you!!! Would love to see more games for HI students!!! Ear parts, hearing aid parts, FM systems....the list is endless!!!