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by Link Advance&Innovation

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Download size: 1.34MB
Version: 1.3.2
Released: 2011-11-09
For ages: 4+


EasyHearingAid is an application to assist hearing impaired people with different sound frequencies.

EasyHearingAid is designed for people who have recently started to develop hearing loss in one or both ears.
Using headphones, your iOS devices mic, and the apps simple interface, you can easily adjust sound frequencies to obtain your optimal listening experience.To help with a serious conversation with a colleague at work or just chatting with friends, EasyHearingAid can assist you.

People with no hearing impairment can also use EasyHearingAid to experience a loss of hearing. If a friend or family member has recently developed a hearing impairment, this can assist in the understanding of what they are going through.

Linked with Facebook, you can share your experience of using EasyHearingAid directly through the apps interface.Message from the creator:

After loosing hearing in my right ear, I started frequently attended rehabilitation programs to try to deal and improve the problem. I thought it would be wonderful if an application could assist in this rehabilitation, so EasyHearAid was born.
Please note:

This is not a hearing aid.Effects will vary for each individual.
Technical functions:Frequency adjustment for each output : Classification 13
Output settings store and call : 3
Output volume adjustments : 5 levels
Designed in Japan.
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