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One Medical

by One Medical Group

(3 user ratings)


Download size: 160.78MB
Version: 3.51.1
Released: 2010-09-27
For ages: 12+

Genres:Health and FitnessMedical

Praised as a “new model for primary care,” One Medical Group is reinventing the doctor’s office. One Medical’s mobile app makes it easy to get care and manage your health wherever you are. On the go and need to schedule an appointment with your doctor or find the nearest office? Or maybe you just want to request treatment for a common issue? The doctor’s office is now available at your fingertips.

This application includes popular features such as:
• Appointment booking.
• Messaging with your provider team.
• Video visits 24/7.
• Treat Me Now - One Medical providers will review your medical information and send prescriptions to your pharmacy or schedule testing for common issues directly from the app. Treat Me Now conditions include Skin Issues, Cold and Flu, Seasonal Allergies, UTIs, and Yeast Infections.
• Prescription renewals.
• View your basic health record including vaccines, medications, and allergies.
• Office locator & directions.

To access your medical information, you will need to be a member of One Medical. Join today at www.onemedical.com

About One Medical

One Medical Group offers a modern health care experience designed around your needs.

We’re a member-supported, paperless primary care practice with locations nationwide. We offer our members convenient, high quality care from trusted physicians and a system that actually works.

Some of the benefits we offer include:

• Same-day appointments
• Longer, more personal visits that start on time
• Email access to your physician
• Access to some of the region’s best specialists
• Online health tools including prescription renewal
• Most major PPO and HMO plans accepted
• All for less than $200 / year

To learn more or join our group, find us at www.onemedical.com.
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Customer Reviews

Thanks for fixing the instant crash :)

Please add Apple Health integration

I love this app and One Medical, but i am so frustrated that the app does not let me sync my health data with Apple Health - it seems so obvious.

Cant open. Crashes. UPDATE: Works great now!!!

As title states, every time i try to open the app it crashes. Thank you for the developers on replying to my review and their advice fixed my issue. Back to normal!!!

App not stable with iOS 13

Ever since my phone updated to iOS 13, this app won’t even open. It just crashes every time. It needs to be tested, fixed and updated.

Can’t open

Crashes when I try to open.

The app keeps crashing

The app crashes before even starting. I have the latest version as of Oct 4 and iOS 13.1.2


I love One Medical but the new app upgrade crashes on startup.

New version crashes on open

Latest version of the app is unusable - crashes on open. iPhone 10X Max running latest iOS.

App is laggy to the point of being unusable

Any time I click on a button, type in a username or anything, the app takes around a second to respond. This isn’t happening with any other apps on my phone.

Not working

New booking layout doesn’t work. Even though my doctors has availability on a given date, the app does not: I can’t see any time slots, and the only choice is to return to the previous page..

Terrible Design

The new ‘Book an Appointment’ is a disaster. The old design had filters built-in, and a progressive workflow. Now you have to scroll through a list of hundreds of doctors to find your own. And then you have to click through day after day until you find an opening. And if that first time doesn’t work, you might be clicking through days for weeks. The old design was so much better.


Logout functionality appears to be left out of the latest version of the app. I have two children with OneMedical, which requires two separate accounts since a family account feature does not exist. This leaves me with no way to switch accounts on mobile.

Good app

Great app. Can you add the features of reading the blood pressure, weight, etc from other apps? That way I don't have to add it manually. Thanks

One Hour Wait for Routine 30 second Lab Work

One of the reasons I signed up for OneMedical was to avoid waiting. I have a busy schedule and it is difficult for me to fit medical care into my day. Today I went to my local OneMedical office to get a lab test that takes 30 seconds. The reception told me “Oh sorry, there is a 45 minute to one hour wait for lab work right now.” I feel like I have been taken advantage of and am disappointed. My other visits have been great, but this was so negative that it prompted me to write this review.

The log out button seems to be gone

I think in your latest update you removed the log out button. Some of us have children and need to manage more than one account so we need to be able to log in and out. Ideally you would allow multiple accounts to be logged in simultaneously.

Duplicate message notifications

I get OneMedical mobile notifications for messages I have viewed already in the browser.

Messages to doctors silently fail to send

I hadn't received a response after a few days from my practitioner to a medical question I had messaged through the app. I checked the message thread and saw that the message had never been sent. I never saw a message telling me the message hadn't been sent, it just failed silently. When I tried to resend the message it failed again with no guidance on what was wrong or how to remedy the problem. For a healthcare system, this is extremely irresponsible, and for many time sensitive medical questions could mean life or death. At minimum make sure the user knows nobody is seeing their messages so they can get help elsewhere.

Good experience

It would be useful to be able to share Apple Watch data with the app.

Just the best service

So convenient! I just love that I can get help and advice for an ailment through the app quickly and conveniently any time day or night. I am a busy professional and seem to fall ill at the most inconvenient times, like on a business trip or on weekends. The best part of being a member of One Medical is being able to reach a a care professional through the app at anytime day or night on my schedule. There is always someone available to me to answer my questions, treat my current symptoms and give me advice until I can see a doctor in person. I can even schedule my appointments. This service and the medical advice I’ve received has been invaluable in getting and keeping me healthy.

App does not show all conversations

I love having the lab results and conversations with the doctor in one place. We have been discussing back and forth on a thread and the app only shows the first message in the thread. I have to go to the web browser to see the whole thread. Please fix! Thanks.

Please consolidate messages

I dislike how “treat me now” messages are separated from regular messages. I was waiting forever to hear back about advice on how to treat an issue I was experiencing only to find that I had to go into the “treat me now” section to find it, days later. That makes no sense. If I’m looking for past advice on treatment, I wouldn’t think to go to “treat me now” which alludes to creating a new issue. Usage would be easier if all messages were in one place. If you MUST keep them separated by category (I’d rather you not) then use tabs.

Messages, tasks, lab results not showing up

Can’t access most data in my profile. Devs, what’s going on?

Not helpful

Terrible. Used the "treat me now" feature for simple seasonal allergies. 70 minutes later, Dr. replied to say, "go to a doctor's office." I then tried the video visit "available 24/7." Sure! 20 minutes later absolutely nothing had happened, not even bad hold music. Then I tried to schedule an appointment as directed by the text. Nothing available for 48 hours. I went to a traditional doctor, who actually treated me.

Can’t log in using mobile app

I have tried a few times to log in using the mobile app and every time it redirects me to the web to enter my company sponsored info. It then says “your subscription is now active” and gives me a web view. Going back to the app does restarts this whole process and i never can make it past sign in.

Forcing binding arbitration on their patients

In this update, OneMedical tries to shirk their responsibilities and force binding arbitration on their patients. Be sure to read the notice carefully and opt out. I may be opting out of OneMedical all together with these games.

The video visit feature is broken

The overall One Medical experience I like, but this app has bugs. For example, on the Video Visits screen it says 24/7 access but the Request Video Visit button is disabled. (I’ve granted the app all permissions.)


For the love of God, please enable paste functionality into the app. Typing out the names of complex Rx into it is a complete pain. I now need to see my PCP for carpel tunnel. Not ideal!

Faking wait times

I don’t like dishonesty. I’m a one medical member and I called in tonight to their video chat service. I waited the customary 5 mins and then it switches to a physician and says “the doctor is reviewing your chart. Wait time of 1 min.” Then I waited for almost 10. And the doctor then came on and had to review my chart. So, don’t lie, One Medical. Your queue is longer than you want it to be but it is better to admit that than make sick patients sit holding the phone for 10 mins. And lying is really bad for customer experience and loyalty.

With the new app update

I lost all of my messages, every time I sign in and out, they delete themselves off again and when I removed the app entirely and reinstalled, my inbox is completely empty.

Primary care has never been easier

With access to care 24/7, it has never been easier to book appointments with my doctor, receive virtual care no matter where I am in the country, and manage my prescriptions. I’ll be sticking with One Medical because of this awesome app!

Drug advertisements in push notifications

Sending me push notifications advertising drugs I should take was a line they shouldn't cross. I wonder how much they're getting paid for that and how much more that's going to start happening. Stop assigning me "tasks" asking me to take drugs you recommend.


Great app for immediate contact with provider & staff-to make appt, add medical chart info, request Rx, messaging with staff or even have video mtg...makes all aspects of medical care so EASY!! I am very happy with this new concept of healthcare :)

Could be a great app, but has very frustrating bugs

In general, the One Medical app is a great way to quickly communicate with my medical provider. But there are two super frustrating bugs I hope the team could fix. One, the app frequently deletes draft messages when you switch to another app. If you’re writing a message with long prescription names answering detailed questions from your medical provider, then lose everything, it’s brutal. Secondly, the app disabled basic copy and paste when you’re writing messages. So don’t bother trying to compose messages in another app to avoid losing your data. You won’t be able to share that information with your medical provider. Please fix these minor bugs, One Medical team, and your otherwise great app will be wonderful for your patients. Thanks!

Video visits don’t happen

Nobody answering on a Saturday afternoon. This is not 24/7 as advertised.

Love One Medical!

Absolutely the best! One criticism / item of feedback for the app would be the ability to import / sync BP readings from an OMRON Blood Pressure machine. Would also be great to import / sync blood sugar readings.

Incredibly Helpful App to Complement Amazing Care

The app is really well designed and allows you to access every feature quickly.

Bad service

No phone support, doctors are rude, bad customer service.

The Best Dr./Patient system

I have had a hard time in the past with communicating with doctors and getting lab results. This system is so efficient I can’t believe that all practices aren’t run like this. You can make your appt. on the app, you can get your test results and talk with your Dr. on it also. Recently, I had to use the video chat service because it was Sunday and the Dr. I spoke with went over my chart, saw my recent test results over a ailment I was dealing with and sent out a prescription which I had in my hands 20 min later! Best service ever! Totally worth the annual membership.

Can't even open the app after the latest update

After the latest update (Jan 8, 2018), I can't even open the app. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app - it did not help. It's not that app crashes - I simply cannot even start it by tapping on the app icon. The icon gets darker for a moment just like the iPhone app icons get before the apps load, but in case of OneMedical app nothing happens. I am using iPhone 7 iOS 10.3.3

Insurance Card photo upload not working in current version.

My camera does not open when adding insurance card photo information. I am using an iPhone 8 Plus.

Quick response to bugs

Reported a bug and they had a fix out a couple days later.


Messages bug is fixed. Hooray. Love the app, so convenient and easy to use. **Bottom part of messages do not work. I cannot send any messages...**

Keyboard Issue

Great app. But can’t type on the iPhone X. The keyboard does not pull up in the messaging feature.

iPhone X Issues

In-app messaging does not work on the iPhone X.

Cannot reply to the message in the app under iOS 11.2 beta6

I find it is impossible to use this app, in particular I cannot reply to any message in the app under iOS 11.2 beta6. Could you please fix this problem ASAP? Otherwise, the service is great.

Great app to keep I touch with doctors

I love the messaging functionality

Won’t allow me to book an appointment

This app used to work great and now it doesn’t. I needed to book both a wellness visit and an appointment for required vaccinations for an overseas trip—no go, rendering the app nearly useless for me. What’s the point of having an app if I end up having to call an office to make an appointment? Ridiculous.

Great way to manage health care

I am glad I moved my primary health care physician to one medical. Their physicians are top notch. And the app makes it a breeze to book appointments, follow ups, prescription refills, and referrals.

Loving this medical group!

Great app, service, Drs!