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Medical Prefixes & Suffixes

by Pulse2

(1 user ratings)


Download size: 1.91MB
Version: 3.3
Released: 2009-10-27
For ages: 4+


Medical Prefixes & Suffixes is an interactive learning tool that quickly boosts your ability to identify, define and apply medical prefixes and suffixes at school and at work.

We’ve built this app from the ground up to help you master medical terminology.


• A comprehensive database of over 1,300 medical prefixes and suffixes.

• Three interactive medical terminology flashcard study modes.

• Two extensive medical prefix/suffix search modes.

• An interactive and customizable quiz that makes learning medical prefixes & suffixes easier, quicker and more enjoyable. You can quiz yourself on prefixes/suffixes or their definitions. You can also quiz yourself on bookmarked prefixes/suffixes.

• Ability to bookmark medical prefix/suffix flashcards.

• Ability to review and study bookmarked flashcards.

• We’ve included example medical words with each prefix/suffix.
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Customer Reviews
Okay .not bad.not perfect

I rather use drug fact bible, but this app is aye, not perfect, doesn't have all prefixes/suffixes. One word to describe this app " convenience "


It's useful, but I'd like to be able to search by definition as well as by name. It helps with homework, but it is missing a few minor words. All I all, it's a useful app, and probably the best on the app store, but it could be a lot better.


I like it but it only allows you to bookmark 100 and in Med Term that is not even close to what u need. You need a many hundreds! I don't like that I see the word and the answer at the same time as well.

Not very helpful..

This app is missing a lot.


As an instructor of Med Term, this is the best app that I suggest for students. This app is the only one that provides the combining vowel in the words which I stress as important to know. Each word root has its own combining vowel and knowing which goes with the word is paramount in properly identifying the suffixes vs. the word root. For example, calc(i), chol(e), perin(e) are different that than those with the most common combining vowel of (o). This is the only currently available app that provides the most accurate medical terminology references. I love it! I use it during class to quickly produce examples of word parts I'm teaching.

Very Useful

Lots of suffixs and prefixes, I like it :)

Not bad

It's helpful while I study for my med tests. I only gave it four stars because I would like to be able to put in the word and have the prefix and suffix come up for that word. Simple to use.