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Chess - SocialChess

by Woodchop Software LLC

(1,888 user ratings)


Download size: 37.4MB
Version: 2.97.3
Released: 2011-06-29
For ages: 12+


SocialChess is a fun way to play fast or slow chess with friends or with random opponents! Play with a clock or play turn-based correspondence chess!

"Fantastic app. Easily the best head-to-head app out there!" -Leo Laporte

"Social Chess Is The Best Way To Get Your iCheckmate On" -CultOfMac.com


* No Advertisements!
* Beautiful, clean, intuitive layout.
* Optimized to be fast and stable. Nothing worse than an app that crashes!
* Features are chosen and implemented carefully.
* Instant account creation - no email validation necessary.
* Your privacy is respected. We will not spam or share any user info.
* Game features are driven by your feedback!


* Statistics - ELO Rating, Wins, Losses, Draws.
* Elo Charts & Per Opponent statistics.
* Receive push notifications when a game is updated.
* Play even when there is no internet connection. Moves are sent later!
* Play up to 5 games at a time, or increase it to 100 with In-App purchase!
* Search for opponents by username, email, or we'll match you with a random opponent.
* Claim Victory if opponent does not make a move in 5 days.
* Optional Takeback.
* Chess960
* Analysis Board to work out your strategy.


* User Profile including picture, comments, etc.
* Map view of your opponent's location.
* Chat
* Browse your opponent's games, and their opponent's games.
* Elo Rankings.

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Customer Reviews
Social Chess - terrific!

Great app. Easy and fun. Just wish it would work across devices. Would love to play against those that don’t use iPhones

Awesome app game.

Probably the best chess app out there if only... if only i say... it was free. I understand that you need to have a bit of monies to update to make it an even better app. My only request is to have the board and chess pieces colors options free to choose as you like. For those who are color blind. Five Stars for the app.

It’s just great

I’ve been playing chess on this app for what has to be two years now. You just can’t beat it. There are always people at your skill level to play with and generally, all very respectful and just enjoy the game. You can also play at whatever time frame you want which I find really useful. I can play a 10 minute game over a lunch break, but I’ve been playing games that last a couple days with the same few people for going on years now. It’s just a great app.





Great game

I love how you can play games with other real people, not a computer

Less buggy, but less accessible

I really wish I could play against my friends who are on android. Other than that it’s better than chess w friends because it’s not crashing and lagging, features are better, etc.


The ELO-List may exclude who ever they want from the list, based on rating... If they don’t like you, or you are too good, or if you are higher rated then accounts most likely owned my the Developers.... they will remove you from the list. RUDE, And INCOHERENT responses from the admins and such... There are better apps... trust me... do not give these scam artists your money


when i make a new account i am able to log in but then it loads forever and i cant get into any games with the account, please un bug me

Work will fly by

Very stable fun game platform. Nothing but good fun.

price gouge

one dollar, two maybe! but this ain't gonna happen! Get real🐿, make money! Free version is useless without pgn, of course.

Best Chess app

This app is rocks . This is best chess app on iTunes. You can play online against other players.


please help me , when i make a account it doesnt load any games or lets me play with people , please fix this whatever is wrong with this app

Best chees game ever

Absolutely fun and the competition varies god practice and excellence quality of people great app

best of the best

absolutely awesome. best chess app on the store. nothing negative at all to say about it.


This app is horrible. Imagine if you are playing a quick game and it keeps “reconnecting” every time it’s your move. Keeps happening all the time, no matter if you have good connection or not.


Decent, Although the admins are stupid and rude...

Move disables

I was put in check by a knigh, but I had two pieces I could have taken his knight with: my rook or my knight. Yet, it wouldn’t allow me to take his piece; instead was forcing me to move my king.

Outstanding game

I look forward to playing each day.

Great chess app

If you love chess this app rocks. No annoying pop up ads. This has quickly became my favorite app. Steve

No ads in free version

Great chess game. No ads in free version just limited options. $7.99/yr is about as cheap as you’re going to get for a networked game

Best app for chess +

I’ve been playing chess on this app for several years now. It’s just the best.

Deben mejorar la App

Tienen k ponerlo abierto para todo el mundo, como Chess.com... Donde cada quien elija su ⏰ o minutos por jugar... Yo soy un experto en dicha App y mi ⏰⏰ 3 Minutos... Mi ranking está por lo 1700 puntos 💡🔍, quien dude mi información estoy como Irrizarri22 🇩🇴..en Chess.com 👍🏼

Poor board choices

Very limited board and piece selection. Adding more clear and graphical choices would improve the experience on smaller devices greatly. Chess with Friends is an example that does this well. Easy win if you follow up.


Not as good as you might think

Social chess

How do we get Takeback ?


The developer always responds to email, no clutter, looks good and works well

Nice App

Very nice app to play on. Lots of choices where u get to play for no or little cost, as this is ur choice!


Freeze a lot during the game make me loose all my time. Otherwise a good app to play chess. People are using cheats to win time. Disappointing app!

I love social chess

Hi people l like this app but for improvement can’t you get a microphone in the app so you could talk with your opponents. Thanks gregor 2009!

Love this app!

I have been playing with this app for years. Great ranking system and communication. Highly recommend!!!

Just an excellent platform

It is great platform to play chess. Thanks

I love this app but...

It’s not a huge deal, but could you make the alert something cute and sweet? Like a simple ping that’s pleasant to hear or something? I think I’m just picky. I wish my opponents would use the chat box, but I don’t think there’s anything the developers can do about that. Otherwise, wonderful game!

Great app

Great app. Have had no problems an have had a lot of fun.

Fantastic "Correspondence" Chess App

This app is fantastic, if you're looking to play correspondence chess. If you only want to play a few games at once, the free version is perfectly viable. The interface is simple, smooth and functional. Exactly as it should be.

What I need

Works and does not crash. I play over WiFi with my son flawlessly March making is excellent.


Used to be a great App but too many bugs

Best chess app in App Store!

I tried many different chess apps and this is the cream of the crop. You play REAL people all over the world, you can chat during play (how I know they’re not bots), swipe right during a game for Game Analysis (allows you to play both players to choose your best move), a small annual fees gives you 100 games simultaneously. Some of my favorite features! I am a beginner and this app lets me practice strategies and gain experience.

Great fun

Excellent user interface. I have just one suggestion for enhancement: The system should give us an option to highlight our opponent’s most recent move.

An easy Five

This is such an easy app to rate. First of all there is no visual clutter. Not just with no ads, but also the program itself is clean and not distracting. Always works as advertised keeping your attention on only one thing, playing great games of chess. Just today I wrote in a suggestion and within minutes my email greeted me with a pleasant response from the developer. Just out of curiosity, I looked at the version history, and this app has a continuous track record of keeping up to date. This really is the way an app should be. Great job, keep up the good work!

Great for distance chess

I got this app to play chess with my 80 year old father, who lives in a different state. The chess board display is beautiful and easy to manipulate. The built in chat feature is convenient. I only wish it was easier to take back moves.

My thoughts on social chess

Best chess app to play with well developed players!! If you don't have this app YOU SLACKING!!


Six stars, for certain. A great way to connect with friends and hone my chess skills.

Love it


10 of 10

Best chess app I’ve ever played!


Application is full of bugs, please test the application with the “ACTUAL” software tester...


Its a pretty good version. I wish it had a few more customizing options. I also wish you could request to take back a move and then have the opponent decided if they would like to allow it. This option should be allowed in the settings from 0 to infinite take back decided by both parties. It would be perfect if it also allowed a CPU game mode and training mode with different levels of gameplay.

Fun application for chess lovers

Great UX. Simple and to the point.

Recommend to anyone for recreational or trying to improve your game

I’m just starting and not very good, but I’ve come a long way this last year and a half. I enjoy the slow and fast play. I invested the 6 or 7 dollars to get access to play many games and I find between 20-30 games at a time is manageable working a full time job. Anyhow. Good luck, and see you in the board.