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Chess - Learn Chess

by Tom Kerrigan

(30 user ratings)


Download size: 4.96MB
Version: 1.8.6
Released: 2009-02-18
For ages: 4+


Over 600 million people worldwide know how to play chess.

Now you can learn how to play too, with Learn Chess!

Learn Chess is a short, fun, interactive e-book that teaches you the rules, terminology, essential strategies, and more.

Even if you already know the rules, it can help you improve your game.

- 118 pages of content
- 91 chess diagrams
- Interactive diagram feature lets you try out legal moves

Learn Chess is made by the developer of tChess Lite and Pro, the popular and critically acclaimed iPhone chess games.
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Customer Reviews

Taught me to learn chess in like 2 SECONDS!

Great tutorial

Made learning chess easy, great to use as a reference.

Actually Teaches You

This is a great app. You get to practice as you learn.

Ultimate Chess Lessons

This is an interactive step by step lesson in chess. The manual allows you to move the pieces in each chapter. So the learning is an active exercise and not just a passive, receptive one. In the future I’d like to see the graphics augmented to have a more 3-D appearance. But even without that it’s 5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Updating my skills

I started with reading the Ebook and eventually downloaded the chess lite app. The book was short and to the point. I’m hoping to learn some patterns...

Good teacher

I had no idea how to play chess 30 minites ago. Now I know everything I need to know to play the game. Great teacher

Learn Chess

Good App very highly recommended for those who know little to nothing about the game. I wanted to learn advanced strategies and it’s not good for that. But it’s good for a lot of basic information as well as some minor facts often forgotten.

Very helpful to learn some basic patterns.

I downloaded this app to teach my son how to play chess. However I have also benefitted a lot from the app. It tells me some basic patterns that I never realized before. Highly recommended for novice players who want to learn the patterns.

Very good introduction

This is a very good introduction to chess. I purchased the the other apps based on the quality of this app and I am not disappointed.

Exactly what I needed

Thank you! Tons of help!

I am a beginner...

My son is a chess master and has always wanted me to learn. I tried a few tutorials on line but couldn't grasp it all. When I got this app, I kept saying aloud, "Oh, I see!" I'm 79 and now with this app, I can do this. Very complete instructions.


Excellent. Very, very helpful.

Basic principles

Superb , clear and to the point

Great Intro

After playing chess for a few months this course really cleared a lot of little things up. Details do matter. Very worthwhile.

Simple presentation, abundant information

I learned basic moves I didn't know had names - now I'll be able to recognize situations and be more successful at chess.


It's great,there's no doubt on that. But there is a problem.It (t chess pro )fights very hard but can't win with chess pro.so improve the quality to be more attractive

Great read for beginner

I appreciated the ebook and recommend to anyone learning chess. I'm going to buy their chess app to say thank you!

Nice little read!


Fantastic and quick read!

This taught me more in an hour or two than I had ever previously known about chess, including various one-off rules. Very enjoyable and nice interactivity built into this ebook. I'm impressed!


Great for a beginner,

Simply Brilliant

Very concise and easy to follow. I highly recommend this for beginners, teachers of chess and advanced players for a refresher course. Nice job!

Great learning tool

I fully recommend this App. It covers all the basics of the game, from learning moving the pieces, nomenclature of the game, basic strategy, as well as notation. Give it a try.

Straight to the point!

Easy read and quick. Can finish it in 5-10 mins.

Great app

Tells how to play chess with special moves.


Quickly brush up on the basics.. And perhaps even learn a few new basic points to consider. Love it. Short, sweet and direct.

Excellent Teaching App

Concise and easy to understand. Two minor quibbles: 1) Object of game is to checkmate opponent (not to capture a king). A king can never be captured because the game ends before the potential capture can be executed. 2) No algebraic notation example is given for en passant capture. For example if black moves d5, a white pawn on e5 captures the d5 pawn with d4 (a capture without an x in the notation). As a volunteer public school chess coach I am a stalwart fan of tChess Pro, a companion app by the same author, and I use it regularly.

Really great starter tool

Love this quick and easy tool.

Excellent move!

This app is very informative for the most novice of players. I enjoyed the simplicity of the rules and the hints of history.

Strong Chess App

Very accurate to ELO when playing PC v Human

Bad app👎🏼👎🏼

You can't play CHESS!!!

Learn chess

Going in, I knew this: what the pieces were called, that they each moved differently, check meant "uh oh" and checkmate meant "game over." And that's about it! I don't feel like I could play a game yet, but I think if I read it a few more times, I could start against a beginner. Not all of it was easy to understand, but at least I have the vocabulary down now, so I know what to Google.

Very informative for no - little experience.

Very informative for no - little experience.

Very Helpful!

This app provides excellent instruction for beginners and reviews basic strategy, brief history, and helpful hints for success. Also covers some of the more obscure rules. Great app. Thanks!

Great start!

Great way to begin!

Only one thing missing

It was a good easy to learn and interactive app, the combination of graphic and theory just make it almost perfect. The only thing I notice is that it didn't go deep into the explanation of pawn promotion, for example once promoted how many pieces of the same kind can be used in the game.

Simple and intuitive

Simple and intuitive

Great, Helpful App!

I've been playing chess for a while, but I'd reached a standstill on improving without outside help. This app is very helpful, I can't wait to practice some of these rules and moves to get better!

Great app

Simple and understandable

Nice app for my kids :)

Loved it !

Great app!

This app is wonderful! Everyone can learn something novice or expert!

Way to Learn Chess

I had been looking for days for a chess app that would actually TEACH me, detail by detail, how to REALLY play chess. This e-book explained details, strategies, parts of the game in a very comprehensive way, and at the same time used some humor. It didn't just ASSUME that I knew the basics of chess, then it went on to mention Bobby Fisher's new 12 second rule. I highly recommend this for beginners, but also for ppl who have played chess years ago, but are now somewhat rusty. A+

Good but basic

Good but very basic instructions. Good enough to understand the rules of game but not enough to really play.

I knew nothing of chess

I learned a lot from this app. I will buy the pro version to help me learn the game. I recommend this app.

Excellent for beginner - intermediate

It was good for beginning to get into playing chess

Fun and easy to work with

For the novice like me it was of extreme ease and convenience of learning curve. I liked the way it is organized in pages that actually let you to manipulate the pieces and play around the field. I am considering buying the full version of this app at the moment.

From No Clue To 1540 in 2 weeks!

I had no idea how to play chess so I downloaded this and in 2 weeks I became a 1540 rated chess player! It let's you interact with each lesson/page so you learn by doing what it's describing for each page. Great beginner app!

it's a book

It's great! you can find strategies and tactics and tells you a little about Chess history

Excellent tutorial

Easy to use, clear diagrams, great for beginners

Chess Learn Chess

This is a great application for new chess players!