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Faithlife Study Bible

by Logos Bible Software

(8,828 user ratings)


Download size: 175.95MB
Version: 8.12.3
Released: 2012-03-02
For ages: 4+


The Faithlife Study Bible invites you to understand the Bible more fully—to feed your curiosity about God and His work in the world.


In the Faithlife Study Bible, rich commentary on every biblical passage illuminates Scripture, helping you engage with God’s Word. Discover intriguing insights in robust study notes based on the original languages of the Bible. Visually stunning graphics enrich your study of the Bible, bringing the ancient world to life.


Rather than tell you what to think, the Faithlife Study Bible helps you learn how to think about a text and work toward deeper understanding. When tradition and scholarship present diverging views on a passage, the notes explain the interpretive options, encouraging you to reach your own conclusions.


The Faithlife Study Bible is translation independent, so it’s designed to work with multiple English translations. For example, the insights you receive from the Faithlife Study Bible using the NIV will be just as relevant for a study partner who uses the NKJV.

Immerse yourself in the world’s most advanced digital study Bible—the Faithlife Study Bible.


* Compatibility with many popular Bible translations, including NIV, ESV, NKJV, NASB, and more (In-app purchase required for some translations)

* 3 layers of study notes, promoting deep exploration of the text

* Lexham Bible Dictionary, the most advanced Bible dictionary (7,000+ articles)

* Lexham English Bible, a clear, modern translation of the Bible

* Connect the Testaments, a 365-day devotional and reading plan

* Over 400 photos, videos, and infographics


The Faithlife Study Bible app unites the Faithlife community and your personal study. Explore the depth of the Bible with friends, family, your church, or your school. Share discoveries, inspiring quotes, encouraging verses, and so much more with your Faithlife community.

Get the Faithlife Study Bible app today, and feed your curiosity.

Privacy policy: https://www.logos.com/privacy
EULA: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/
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Customer Reviews
Very helpful

It is a very great blessing to me

Literally the best bible app ever created

Daily topics and explanations of each verse plus split screen. I LOVE IT. I’d pay however much for this app

Fantastic Access to a Fantastic Service!


Understanding the Bible

Bible Study definitely helps me gain insight into any reading I need help with!

Just One Thing, Prayers

When I am doing my morning devotion, I like to have a somewhat simpler window and app to navigate with just my reading plan, my bible/study notes, and prayer list. I created a layout in my Logos account to accomplish this, but when i am away from my computer I find the Logos app less useful for doing my devotion. THe Faithlife Bible is much better, and easier to navigate. But I still would like the option to put the prayers pop out window as a tab on my layout (reading plan tab, bible/study notes tab, prayer list tab) so that I could more easily update and organize my prayer list. I think that would mean it would have to be accessible as a tool according to the way the app works, like notes. Maybe in the next update?

Total crap + Steals your money

Not only does this app crash because of horrific programming but it also steals your money at the same time. This app is a disgrace to the Christian community who are generous with their money, but this greedy little app is working for Satan so good luck getting your money’s worth here.


Application is apt

Making notes

There is no guide lines on how to take notes.

Great footnotes

Easy to read. Easy navigation. Great summaries and ancillary material.


The split screen capability is awesome

What I was looking for

This is exactly what I needed. I enjoy sermons because they teach me the things I can’t figure out and don’t know, as so does this app. Provides some historical context, defines obscure words, and points out things I miss side by side (well, top and bottom) while reading the Bible. It may take me 15 minutes to get through a chapter, but it makes that chapter so much more meaningful.

Quick thought.

Exceptional resource for devotions, a one stop shop for sermon prep and on the iPad it’s with you all the time. Wonderful.

A comprehensively and clear interpretation

I’ve been researching a study Bible I would feel comfortable learning God’s word and this is it. It gets no clearer than the faith life study Bible app! It is worth it,

The best study resource on the App Store

This study bible is a blessing to me in my study time. The study notes are easy to understand yet deep in explanations of Gods Word. I have learned an abundance while utilizing this app in part of my study regiment. Highly recommend. Thank you FaithLife!

Nice but...

Great notes and subsections but too many are locked and online support takes forever to get back to you. I still have many sections showing a lock on it but no way to see the additional material. I've already bought 3 versions and still nothing! Still same review!

Can’t Register

I am unable to register. I get an error message: Sign In Failed Invalid username or password I don’t even have a username or password because I’m trying to register.

Delightful n easy reading...

As an ex-seminary student at the age of 60+, and a lifetime of scripture reading, this is a most helpful resource as a bible app. I currently own a thousand dollar single source app with many bibles apps but I always tend to reach for this one single bible app for my exegesis and hermeneutics...got to love it. Respectfully, Oscar A

Love it! ‘Nuff said.

Love it! ‘Nuff said!

Study Bible

The Study bible is very educational in aiding in spiritually understanding scriptures.

Thank you!

I love this bible, I read it all the time and highlight those things that speak to my heart and I even write notes in some of them. I used to enjoy so much the studies or explanation it used to have, for instance, there was a teaching about suffering that was so powerful, since you reformatted the Bible I don’t find those notes that were so insightful and gave me a broader perspective and understanding of a particular verse. Just a comment that I hope you can bring back, thank you!

Great app

I love using this app! It has a lot of good tools to make studying easier!

Love this bible ❣️

Most read app in my phone. So easy to navigate and highlight

Make the text not move when the header/footer appear/disappear

The text jumps up and down when the header/footer appear and disappear. This makes me lose my place if I accidentally tap the screen and either dismiss the header/footer or summon them back

Faith life

Great study bible. Good commentary

Love it but

I’ve downloaded this app recently. But what’s up with the little padlocks? Too interesting to stop me there. Please help

Enable use of other languages please

This is one of my favorite apps. Would you consider enabling other languages? I know that Logos Bíblia exists but it would be great to use a single app. Thank you for all of your work. This apps has borne great fruit in my walk.

Immediate enjoyment of cross references ...

Instead of shuffling back and forth through many pages of a paper Bible to enjoy the cross references, with Logos I can move with by the touch of a finger to a related passage and flesh out my understanding of what I read. This is a big help to staying focused. Thank you!

Daily Reading

The daily scripture gets my day started on the right path! God is Good! All the time! I miss being involved with CBMC but the daily Scripture writings help fill the gap! Had two major strokes a few years ago but God was with me as our elder son is a fireman/paramedic and he was able to connect with me ambulance as they were taking me to the hospital! Hearing his voice come over the ambulance intercom was a serious blessing from God! He and his entire family were immediately on their way to meet us at the hospital! Now, really need to let you know that they live in Salisbury, Maryland and I was several hours away in the town of Bel Air, Maryland! Through my son’s communication with the doctors I was able to get the stroke medication within the three hours requirement in order to have it be effective! Hallelujah ! Praise the Lord! It’s the real thing for me to say ‘God is Good! May He continue to bless my family and yes, the daily Scripture has more meaning every day! I love You Jesus! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

Information Plus so much more

This app is loaded! I would highly recommend it to anyone. If you have never had a Study Bible you definitely need to download this app it will increase her knowledge base and help you study for any lessons or personal time. The photographs and videos really give you a fell for the scriptures!!!

Faithlife study Bible

This Bible study app is easy to use and I love how the study notes are alongside the text. Tap on the letter or number in the text and get immediate insight into either the Jewish way of looking at the verse or other translations of the word translated into given word. While I prefer a Bible I can touch with my hands this is good to have for witnessing when we don’t have a physical Bible with us. I recommend it and it is free!! Shalom

Study notes

Having the Bible with the study notes and bible side by side helps me so much! It is wonderful a wonderful tool for deeper understanding!


Thanks its great app for lord words in bible

A great study Bible

This is a remarkable tool, and it keeps on growing and expanding. Though I wouldn’t agree with every not. It is a great tool. The mechanic version is pretty good too! And did I forget to say, it’s free?!

Relaxing study if God’s word

I love to lay back and listen to God’s word ...especially after spending much time with paperwork or on the computer, as my eyes are so tired. His word brings relief from the stresses. Only wish I had Old Testament also!

Bless the Lord oh my soul !!!

Awesome Awesome!! May the Lord bless you all for this wonderful study bible.


Helps you dig deeper into the word

Fabulous learning tool

I usually hate reading the Bible on a device. This has changed that. The study notes, pictures and illustrations take it to a whole new level. I find myself reading with joy as I uncover each new gem and I can’t wait to uncover more. Thank you Michael Heiser and all who worked so hard on this wonderful app.


I love having this app as l can access God’s Word when l don’t have my Bible with me. I prefer having my Bible in my hands but this app steps right in when l don’t have mine with me. I love it!

Faith Life Bible

I like this translation it makes sense. Additionally, the app itself is pretty easy to use. It makes Bible study so much easier when you need to look up multiple scripture references. I absolutely recommend this app with the Faith Life Bible.

Best study aid I have ever used

Love that the commentary runs simultaneously with the scriptures.

Love this app

This app is a great study aid and the commentary/notes have been very helpful. Should be a 5 but I like the old format better because having biblical text and notes on the same page made referencing easier.


I have never in my life felt compelled to write a review....EVER! But today I have to! I’m recently getting back into bible study and this is literally the best tool for bible study! It gives you EVERYTHING! Historical context, pictures, video, background and breakdown of all the books and characters within it, the time place significance EVERYTHING !!!!!! And it’s all FREE! God bless the developers YOU GUYS ARE A BLESSING!

Useful highlighting

Great tools. This app is able to highlight individual words, as opposed to only being able to highlight entire verses.

5 stars!!

I am so glad I found this app. It really helps me understand the context of each verse. Very helpful. Thank you to the makers!!

Love it

Loving this apps everything it has to offer


This software is awesome and convenient to use!

Pretty good for blind users

This program is now fairly accessible with voiceover. I am very excited to be able to read these Bibles from Logos. Thank you so much!


I love the meanings and the explaining and the pictures of a buildings and then it explains about that place.

I’m In love with this bible app .

I love how I can understand what I’m reading and I find it to be a great way to study Gods word.