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The DailyHoroscope

by Max Binshtok

(45,927 user ratings)


Download size: 109.26MB
Version: 4.3.7
Released: 2010-04-04
For ages: 4+


The DailyHoroscope is a completely FREE horoscope application updated on a daily basis with the best daily horoscopes.

The DailyHoroscope is THE MOST POPULAR horoscope app on many major smartphones​. Tout being the most accurate and compelling horoscope app out there by its users!


• Daily horoscope
• Weekly horoscope
• Monthly horoscope
• Zodiac Characteristics for each zodiac sign
• Zodiac sign compatibility
• Chinese horoscope for 2019 and 2018
• Zodiac horoscope for 2019 and 2018
• Explore alternative Druid horoscope
• Missed a day-scroll back up to a week
• Custom colors and font size (set in app settings)

- Aries horoscope
- Taurus horoscope
- Gemini horoscope
- Cancer horoscope
- Leo horoscope
- Virgo horoscope
- Libra horoscope
- Scorpio horoscope
- Sagittarius horoscope
- Capricorn horoscope
- Aquarius horoscope
- Pisces horoscope

Get your daily horoscope every day on the go through intuitive and user friendly interface.

With DailyHoroscope, your daily horoscope is just one click away!

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By downloading, installing and using the Daily Horoscope application, you agree to our end user license agreement:
and our privacy policy:
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Customer Reviews
Daily horoscope


a good app :)

i like reading my horoscope often (which actually turns out to be true most of the time).

Love it!!

It is so accurate and it works great. It doesn’t just show your horoscope.

Awesome feedback

Awesome feedback.



Check this daily. Great app!

Definitely recommend this app


Great game

great app


Enjoy the daily inspiration

That’s how I view this app. And it’s entertaining to read my closest friends too.

The Stars.

Wonderful. The best advice that starts my day on the right note. Thank You.


I love the app, but a lot of the background colors got removed:(


This is an amazing app. I e been using it for over 5 year I believe and it hasn’t failed me yet. But as of now I’m trying to put in my birthday and it won’t allow to put anything in there fore I can’t use the app at this hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

Love this app

I enjoy reading my horoscope everyday I find words of encouraging


It is very good.


Just downloaded it, was ok til I tried to find my Druid astrology sign, I know it’s Ash, just testing things out, doesn’t allow you to put a birth date in, and when you sign up with email, it only has 4 months to choose from and only has 2020 and above showing for years of birth Going to try to unload it then reload it back onto phone and see if I get anything better


Who ever is making this sentences is a professional. Girl, you know me... Im not reading it every day, but when I do, always gives me hope and it’s always about MINE thinkings for that particular day. SAGITTARIUS 4EVR ❤️💪🌹

Please help!

Tried to login with Apple in the newest update and I couldn’t put in my birthdate to get my horoscopes.

❤️♊️No issues so far but…

I recommend this app...a few ads at the bottom nothing inappropriate and very easy to ignore Ive had other horoscope apps in the past and this one has to be one of my favorites Its a good app very easy to understand and its accurate i just have a few ideas mabey they could add more theme options for backgrounds and mabey a fun quiz every month or so, either way very good app no problems so far

amazingly accurate

the readings definitely hit the target for what your going through. the accuracy and motivation the readings give are also accurate with what you need to hear for your situation.

Very Head on

This app when I check my horoscope it usually gives me the advice I need to get through the day or week. How? I’m not sure but I believe it works. It’s also very accurate in describing personality traits with associated zodiac signs. I’ve been using this app for a year


i trust this app with my life, and i recommend it to everyone.

Freakishly Accurate

I'm a Virgo..... skeptical of just about everything and difficult for me to believe in what I can't understand. I've had this app for about 2 years and I can't tell you how many times I've been amazed at the spot on accuracy!! I have high anxiety levels.... about everything. I don't ever relax. And more often than not all it takes to help me breathe.....read my "message" for today (or week....or month....I could go on and on about all you offer!) Or maybe just go back and read my favorites.... do you have any idea how many years I've searched for a cure?! I get that this will seem strange to many but I can't even begin to express my gratitude for your work. Your Awesomeness has helped me in ways anyone or anything ever has. You can't ever improve on perfection and don't want you to ever stop doing what y'all do best! (Did y'all get what I'm tryin to say here?!)

Amazing app!

I look forward to seeing my reading every day.

So Sketched Out

Just posted a very honest, personalized review and now it is nowhere to be found. Obviously, their ratings are fake. Such a scam and so disappointed. Will no longer be using this app again.

My Thoughts....

I love reading my daily horoscopes so head on!!


Allways on point!

A joke.

The most inaccurate astrology I’ve ever gotten. Vague generalizations. Non applicable to my life. Everyday for a year it’s never been helpful one bit.


I like it

On point every day

On point every day

Good not great


One thing I would like

It’s great so far. No problems or complaints so far I have used this app. But I do have a little suggestion. I am a Libra female with a Scorpio moon and I like this Taurus guy. I would think that in the zodiac compatibility section is to add like your “partners sign” with a gender opition. Like for an example Female Libra compatible with Taurus male. I know my explaining makes zero sense but hopefully you can understand what I am saying. Thank you and have a wonderful day!✨💫💕


Just use a different app. Generic

Used for years.

I’ve never read a horoscope that has been as accurate as this app. It has always guided my most trying times.


Daily Horoscope has always been on point for me, I literally check my horoscope on a daily and this app is definitely my go to ! I have 0 complaints about it.


Def recommend


Very generic. Not really a horoscope, more of a generic advice app that can apply to anyone reading with no actual daily horoscope or looks into future dates. If I want generic advice, I’ll watch Oprah.

Amazing I love this app so much


To many pop ups

Every day, every page it is another pop up. I don’t mean ads. Do you want this tutorial, no. Are you sure? Do you like us. Rate us, I already have stop asking me to do it again. And so on and so on. I can’t enjoy this app because it takes forever to get to the screen I want to see and it seems to only get worse over time. A great app doesn’t need to push. Stop trying so hard. You are more needy than a child.

Daily horoscope

I find it pretty spot on ...with my moods.

My morning coffee - BEFORE my morning coffee

The only horoscope app I will ever use. If I could see what I was typing, my review would be glowing. In an oddly-timed first-time glitch/bug, I cannot see what I’m typing in this review. Great astrological readings, easy to share on any social platform, the app is stellar. And as a bonus, it’s FREE!

Pretty good app

there’s lots of options and the horoscopes have been pretty accurate for me

Doesn’t feel generated at all!!!

This app has gotten me through some tough times in a weird sort of way. It has given me the clarity I needed but didn’t know I needed in lots of situations. Would highly recommend to everyone.


A great guide for beginners or even those who want their daily horoscopes! So much great information!

Great app but one concern.

For the Chinese sign thing when you enter the date, it won’t allow me to put my month. It only allows January,February,March, and May. It will go back to may if I put any other month.

Worthless check recent reviews.

I downloaded this due to the good reviews I saw first. Once downloaded the horoscopes are so generic they could be written for anyone. Then I decided to look at the reviews and see where & when they were from. All those 5 stars are a few years old. Same writing styles. Then I looked at the 1 Star, all recent. The responses from the developers were even worse. This app and its services wouldn’t be worth it even if you never make a purchase.


this is the best horoscope app for me. i downloaded costar but it wasn't as informative for my day as this app this. it's SO accurate and makes me happy seeing the motivational sentences that come along with the horoscopes. they feel really unique to me.

This app is the worst...

This app is so bad cause it mixes other people they should make you do your name and your birthday and they should only do yours

Best horoscope app in the world

I love the app! I think I’ve been using it about 10 years, DO NOT CHANGE A THING!!!! Leave it as is. It’s always prompt and accurate for my life. I am a Taurus. This is like my connection talking to God! I love it. Keep the set up, everything the same. Best app in the world you won’t regret it trust me

My absolute fav

Hi I have read many different horoscopes over the years . This one i love the most . I send my identical twin boys their horoscope every morning and a good friend of mine as well . They all love it !!! It’s always pretty accurate and helpful . Thank you, V