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ooTunes Radio: Record & Alarm

by Oogli LLC

(156 user ratings)


Download size: 12.69MB
Version: 4.0.4
Released: 2009-01-28
For ages: 9+


INFINITE Tunes, Talk, Sports, and Entertainment Radio!

CNET readers ranked ooTunes as #2 app overall! Thanks!
ooTunes is arguably the most comprehensive & extensive radio app in the App Store - www.iphoneappreviews.net

*New! Browse talk shows in Radio RooLette
*New! Universal/iPad version. Buy once, use it on all your devices!
*New! Airplay support! Stream audio to your Apple TV!

Its strongest asset [is] the large, global database of streaming radio stations - iLounge

One of Tech Digest's Top 10 Music Apps

Experience the pure enjoyment of the music and voices of the world at your fingertips!

Clean, crisp sound from over 38,000 Internet audio streams. Enjoy FM/AM live-broadcast from over 150 countries. Search the list at http://ootunes.com/stations

It is yours. Like Reggae? Listen to seven reggae stations in Jamaica. Classical? How about WFMT in Chicago, WGBH in Boston, Minnesota Public Radio, Radio Swiss in Bern or classical stations from Melbourne to Montreal, Strasbourg to Sydney?

Choose by genre (150 of them): Blues to Bollywood, Rap to Ragtime, Salsa to SKA, Talk to Techno. Find by country or cities of the world. Eavesdrop all over the world on local discussions, news and talk: even police calls. Left or right, listen to either side blather! Whether local or pro, catch the big game live, wherever you are.

As your favorite songs play, savor full-screen album art*, bookmark for later, or pop over to watch it on YouTube, right in the app! Search and buy it right from iTunes. Automatic recording lets you hear it again and again!

Radio RooLette: See what's playing on 100's of stations at once. Tap to listen. It's that easy. A great way to skip commercials, find new stations, or sample a variety of music.

Want to wake up to bedtime music from China? Set an alarm. Fall asleep listening, with a sleep timer. Record what you hear for a trip with no internet access. Find a song you hear on YouTube, all within one app. No other radio app has it all!

College stations, AM/FM stations, Shoutcast, weather, police, fire, aircraft and emergency radio, Live365, or live professional hockey games. Jam to 1000's of live concerts your parents wouldn't let you attend from the Live Music Archive at archive.org.

MP3 and AAC+ streams allow you to stream while using other apps, or use the app's own web browser to surf while you listen.

Fast searches. Quick connections. Easy navigation using "favorites," "recently played," "most played" or your own "custom categories."

• NEW Record what you hear to listen again even with no internet!
• NEW Fall asleep listening with a built-in sleep timer!
• NEW Set an alarm to wake up to your favorite station
• Automatically resume last station on start-up
• Automatically reconnect after network loss
• See "now playing" artwork*
• Schedule to record in the middle of the night
• Pause and resume live streams
• Play many streams in the background
• See what's playing right now on 1000's of stations
• Full VoiceOver support for the visually impaired

Email help@ooTunes.com for our amazingly fast and friendly Customer Support. Check our reviews, we've made lasting impressions with phenomenal, personalized customer support.  Want a station not listed in our 38,000+ stations?  Let us know and we'll add it usually within a few hours.

Virtually every stream: .pls .m3u .asx rtsp mms mmsh rtmp hls http AAC+ MP3 WMA OGG Vorbis and many flash streams

* when available

With ooTunes you get infinite Tunes, Talk, Sports, Entertainment!
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Customer Reviews
Great, useful app

I use this app daily. It’s like having a radio in your pocket for almost any station you could ever need. I’ve never yet been unable to find a station I wanted, anywhere in US/Canada/Ireland. The support from the developer is OUTSTANDING. He is fabulous at trying to get a station that isn’t working to start loading. Often it’s an obscure station and he does everything to make it come online for you. He will contact back to you within a day. This app is well worth the price. It does what it says it will do and it does it very well. Can’t ask for more. ————————————————————- Update January 2020: remains the best radio app. I use this daily and am grateful the developer made it and supports it. I recommend this app without hesitation. It’s one of my most useful, reliable apps.

Exporting favorites revised

Go to settings export favorites. And bookmarks five stars 😌

Update needed?

Seems like it stops streaming after receiving a phone call after the lates iOS update


Why am I not able to access some of my stations?

ooTunes Rules 2019 (Thank-u)

Even though there is always room for improvement, I'm pleased to report that ooTunes has been my go to entrainment App since 2009. And to the present day continues to provide music to my ears. Thank-you oogli and Apple for making this app available for all to enjoy.

Always Steady Streams & Great Selections

The developer of this app is very detail within the app how it works and open to questions if you have any. I personally like the old radio streams and love that you have them. I love this app for the steady selection of streams and clarity by developer. Please keep updates available. Wonderful app!

Dark mode it need !

I drive at night and this ootunes doesnt has black mode for night... this white is bright at night they need to change dark gray .... please make it happen That driving mode it has is stupid... did you test it cuz doesnt work plus i needto see all radio station from My favorite

I love this app!

Graphically, this app looks...basic. In all honesty, I can stream all radio stations from every network on here. It is nice to know that I no longer have to download 2 or 3 different radio apps. I can listen to everything from one app and record stations. If you have a favorite (morning/evening) radio show, you can record it and listen to it later. I have never had any issues with this app and I’ve been using it for 3-4 years now. I wish the developers would create and Apple Watch app with the same features.

Love it!

Best internet radio tuner I have used to date! I think it is ios only

Going on 10-years

Have used continuously for 10 years. Developer has maintained this app over all that time and still responds to station requests and supports his product. Rare to see such dedication over such a timespan. Seen many apps come and go, but this is a keeper.

Best online radio app

This is my go to radio app. It’s solid as a rock and loaded with features. One of the best databases. Get it!

Unanswered questions

Not at all intuitive and no explanation of how to use it. Author did not reply to email.

Honestly... this is a great radio app

I’ve had and have actively used this app for several years and it faithfully remains my go-to app to listen to my favorite radio stations. There are very few radio apps out there that allow you the opportunity to search, find and freely listen to a multitude of worldwide radio stations and other broadcast feeds...without all the hype and annoying pop-up ads. Thank you to the developers.


This is one of the best apps around for radio stations. The developer is extremely responsive to feedback and is always willing to help. The alarm clock works just fine. I especially like that voiceover accessibility has been preserved. That isn’t the case with all apps.


Try to submit feedback but no contact information

Awesome App with Awesome Support

This app does everything as described and more and the support from app creator, Steven, is quick and responsive. Incredible app features that work flawlessly and a terrific experience when reaching out to Steven for assistance. I would rate it a 6 if I could. As close to perfection as it gets.

Don’t buy it

Don’t buy this application it’s a waste of money first week the radio is fine but after a couple weeks play most commercials over and over.i lost my money.


This app is excellent. It is the best radio app that I know of.


Best radio app out there. You can email the developer and he will add stations not on there. So many radio stations! Wonderful app.

This app is fantastic.

I don’t know why this app does not get the recognition it so richly deserves. Hands down the best.

Had this app for at least 9 years. Always has been on my main screen

Couldn't be happier. Ages ago when I had a problem with a stream and reported it the developer replied with 15 mins. It was fixed just as quick.

Bought iPhone for OoTunes

I’ve had this app for years. I’ve probably paid for less than 5 apps ever, the OoTunes one of them. I was only on iPad, which I don’t bring to work. My phone is android, streamed with Simple radio, then that app went bad. Tune-In and iHeart wanted am upgrade to premium for previously free stations. I know OoTunes has always been reliable, so I bought an SE. Steve, the developer, always answers. I’ve asked him to add stations and other things. Really the best radio app. I wish I could rate it higher than 5 stars.

Not what I wanted

I thought this might do scheduled recordings of internet radio stations. Wrong.

The Best

I’ve tried them all, radio.com, tuneIn, etc. This has several streams for just about every station. It’s true radio without blackouts or other issues. Absolutely the best. Could use a better clock and CarPlay functionality, but for pure radio it’s the best app in the store.

Dont get it !!

I keep listening ads that don’t belong to the radio stations it is very annoying, they tolf me to report it on the app , but there is no wat to do it there, 101.1 exa fm Guadalajara mexico go there if you don’t believe me


Can’t believe it’s back! I decided to search for this app again after stumbling on an old playlist of songs I’d found using it. Pleasantly surprised to not only find it, but to discover it’s being updated! App has everything you could want and don’t sleep on Radio Roulette!! Love that feature! Thanks dev!!

Best radio app

This is the best radio app. If TuneIn doesn’t get a station, this will. Love the auto-recording capability.

Still THE best!

This radio app is STILL by far the best one out there. I try to spread the word to other Apple users. Keep doing a Brest job Mr. Developer!!

By far THE BEST Radio app!

Been using the app for many years. No ads and pretty much every station is available as well as national cable news stations/NPR etc. And now a new update for OS12! Can also record streams and rewind/fast forward. No longer have the ability to export recordings unfortunately but perhaps that’s an Apple rule?? Regardless, major props to the developer!!

A Stellar Update

The latest update (September 17, 2018) works very well indeed. Impressive that the update arrived on the same day as iOS 12.0 Thanks to the developer for his continued excellent response time to requests for additional stations to be added or for broken streams to be fixed. A unique and exceedingly capable app.

Still the Best!

I’ve been using this app for years and it’s still my favorite – because it’s the best! The feature set is great. And the customer service is even better. Over the years I’ve requested a number of streams be added and have never waited more than a few hours for Steve to let me know the station had been added. And today, after having been a couple of years since my last request, I asked Steve to add another. It came as no surprise that the station was available in just a few hours. Steve is also just as quick to respond to broken streams. I highly recommend ooTunes!

Great but need watch app!

Great app but it would be nice to have a way to save recordings from the app to my Apple Watch so I can go for runs etc without my phone. Otherwise it is my favorite music app that I use daily. Can’t be beat!!!


HI please update the UI & The app For compatible devices like iPhone 8 Plus on 11.4.1 thanks needs updated ASAP

Awesome!!!! 2015 and still the best

2015 and I still love this app great for OTR One the best radio apps on iPhone and customer service is spot on(: if you have a question dev answers and fixes and brings the stations you want ... This is the only radio app you will need 4 years with app and stilly favorite (-: 2014 8 years and still the best !!!!!!!! 2018

Love it!

I've had ooTunes forever and it's still the best internet radio player out there. Love the recording feature, fast fwd/rev options. I'm an internet broadcaster and I use this app All. The. Time. Get it now.

Phenomenal Radio App!

Fantastic for listening in general, and for creating your own personal podcasts and playlists in specific. Pause live radio when life interrupts. Schedule recordings for when you're away, and listen when you want. Works great on otherwise obsolete hardware and saves it from the landfill! Works fine on newest iOS. Very responsive developer!

Primitive alarm clock

The station features are okay, but the alarm clock features are primitive. For example, there’s no snooze feature. When you put the time on the display, it’s pretty plain (only white on black) with no brightness or size control. When the alarm goes off, there’s no buttons on this screen to turn off or snooze, which you would expect from an alarm clock. You need to go back to the main control screen to stop the station. There’s only one alarm setting (not a big deal for me). Overall the user interface is just primitive. I guess it’s usable (in a primitive sort of way) but I was disappointed. As for additional suggestions, a feature that gradually fades in the alarm volume is nice. Some sort of backup alarm when the internet station is not reachable (just some fixed little tune would do). With a better alarm features I would rate this app quite a bit higher.

Best radio/alarm app out there!

I've been using ooTunes for many years and love it!! Its alarm function is way better and easier to use than iHeartRadio's! It's so nice to be able to record what you hear and add markers for when you want to go back and listen to certain spots again later. Thank you, ooTunes!

Just GREAT!!!

I can’t say enough good about this app! I’m highly impressed and happy with it. The recording capability is definitely my favorite, also the many, many stations make it well worth the cost. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

Best streaming app!

Love this app. Have had it on my phone and and I pad for serval years now. Much better then I-heart.

Great Radio App. Get any Station

I’ve owned this app since my first iPhone. Use it every day. A must have for radio junkies.

OOTunes Rules

Have been using this app since 2011. Thank you for providing me with years of world radio. ooTunes Radio is still #1 in my book. App installed on all my computer and devices.

My Go-to Streaming App

I’ve used this app every day for so many years that I can’t remember when I first downloaded it. When I stream any radio station, I use this first. The automatic recording is nice. The DVR functionality is essential for how listen, especially sine it does not have the 30-minute limit of others that even have this feature. The developer is very responsive. If your preferred station isn’t available, ask him. If you want to stream, check it out.

Not the best with AAC+ streams and no option to have stream Error go away automatically

When playing an AAC+ Stream, often the quality is lower than expected. However stopping and restarting the stream can fix it. In addition, if a stream for some reason stops playing, due to intermittent connection issue or other type of issues related airplay, an error message comes up and doesn’t go away automatically. It’s funny one free apps are used to do this automatically about you pay for it and you have to deal with mags!


Used to be good, now everything is comercial because you have to listen to their comercial plus the station comercial

Like it very much

I bought this app many years ago. It has become my go to radio app because it seems to have a great variety of stations. My only suggestion would be an interface refresh. Still, I am a satisfied customer. :-)

Waste of my time

Even though this app is not that costly, I would say, don't buy it. It is a waste of time and money. I just want to set up a time to record a program daily, and I thought that was what this app would deliver. Sadly, either I am not capable of doing this or the app is not great for this purpose. Very NOT INTUITIVE! Not only have I wasted my money, but I wasted my time trying to make it work; plus I missed the programs I wanted to record.

Great app & Great Support

This app is one of my favorite top 3 apps, I use it everyday to record radio programs which saves me money from not having to purchase radio subscriptions. Also the ability to save recordings and playback at any point is great. Solid as a rock , play the radio or recordings all day long with your iPads protective case closed with no drain on your battery charge.

Good update I didn't mind beta testing a bit

I am not certain how objective I can be as I was a beta tester for this update however I remember emailing the developer and asking about an update I used it on family sharing for a while but have just purchased it and I'm glad I did I do not mind putting a few jingles in the developers pocket as he makes the app accessible with voiceover which I appreciate however I would like to see a little improvement for the future versions of iOS in the dialogs and such that users are talking about my advice to those of you writing bad reviews would be to contact the app developer via the app support but he is receptive and does answer email so please do that I would be happy to help you