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Rise Alarm Clock

by Kellen Styler

(206 user ratings)


Download size: 77.86MB
Version: 5.8.2
Released: 2012-12-20
For ages: 4+


Rise is a simple alarm clock with a lot of smart features. With its refreshing and clever way to set time, Rise is one of the easiest alarm clocks you'll ever use.

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Reach out and touch the screen. Every element is meant to be interactive. Left handed? Yes, Rise loves you, too.

Pull it up or down and watch the sky change as you pick a wake up time. Turn the alarm on by pulling the screen left or right.

Or, simply shake your device to quickly set an alarm for a short nap or to use as a timer.

Wake up to the sound of the woods, ease into the day with a custom Rise melody, or your favorite song from iTunes.

Tap to snooze and be a little late, or pull the screen to turn off the alarm and be on time. Hey, it's your life.

From the lock screen: Shake to snooze or turn off the alarm.

Easily create repeating alarms for any time with custom labels for each alarm. Toggle all your alarms on or off from one screen. Rise will always show the next alarm when you open the app.

Large clock in either portrait or landscape (for docked devices) with clock background options: Night or Skyscape. Swipe to change the clock background and dim the screen by sliding up or down.

Use SleepTunes to make a playlist from your iTunes collection to help you fall asleep. Set a timer for your playlist so it doesn't run all night.

- Rise is made for iOS 9+ compatible devices.
- Rise works with "Do Not Disturb" and the silence switch as long as it's in the foreground and / or auto-locked when using those two features.

- Afrikaans
- Chinese ( Simplified )
- Chinese ( Traditional )
- Dutch
- English
- German
- Finnish
- French
- Malay
- Norwegian
- Hebrew
- Hungarian
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Polish
- Portuguese
- Romanian
- Russian
- Spanish

We pride ourselves on offering great support. If you have an issue or feature request, please contact us on Twitter (@simplebots) or through our site www.simplebots.co
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Customer Reviews
Trash please remove from App Store still doesn’t work

App doesn’t work simple as that

New update broke it

This was my favorite alarm app for literal years, so when I came here to write this I was shocked to see the rating- but here we go. The main issue is that the new iPhone update broke the app, and the app doesn’t seem to have been updated in years, so who knows if it will ever be fixed. I loved this alarm app it was the only one I’ve ever used. It helps my anxiety in the morning and has the most tolerable morning alarm sounds out of any app. Breaks my heart that I can’t use it anymore

WAS THE "Best Alarm App"

Had to change my review as I have missed flight and meetings due to the app being so flakey these days. Shame as my original review read: Hands down best alarm app. Very user friendly. NO SUPPORT for iOS 13.


Paid for it based on a good review. It doesn’t even open. Totally bummed.


Since updating my phone to iOS 13.3, this app will not start. I’ve used it for the last two years with no issue, but since the update I had to find a new app. Contacted the developers if an update was pending but have had no response. This was weeks ago.

No longer works at all

With the last iPhone release the app no longer works.

Doesn’t work with latest IOS

I used this app everyday. Decided to update IOS today and now it doesn’t open. To be fair, I always set a backup alarm for one minute later using the built in alarm, just in case.

Please Update!!!

Please update this app! It was one of my favorites. I redownloaded it and it won’t open. 😔

Used to use daily!

I’ve loved this app for many years. It began to get buggy in 2018, and unfortunately now (January 2020) it won’t even open on iOS 13.3. I re-downloaded it hoping for the best but it is still non-functional. I guess instead of making expensive soaps out of medical waste and rules for fight club like the last update from 2018 says, the developers should be working on the functionality of their app... 😔

Won’t Open

I loved this alarm clock until the IOS 13 and now it won’t even open.

Always crashes

It’s 32-bit apparently and it consistently crashes.

Will not start

I tap the icon and rise opens and then poof bu-bye, it’s gone. I can’t run rise anymore

No longer launches

Got a new iPad mini 5 and since the upgrade this app will not launch. Please fix because I use to love it.

Is there going to be an update?

Used to love this alarm but since the most recent iPhone update it no longer works. This was my go to alarm but now I can’t use it. Is there going to be an update any time soon?

Since iOS 13 is doesn’t work

Was my favorite but it no longer works. Won’t even open.

Stopped working on iOS 13.1.3

I like the app. Could be better but I like it enough to use it. After installing iOS 13.1.3 it crashes on start up. Deleted. Reinstalled. Moped. Crashes. iPhone or iPad doesn’t matter... Please fix..?

No longer works

Was too good to last. With the last update 2 yrs ago, I guess it’s all done. Wow thanks!

Needs updating

Love this app in the past, but now is broken. Does not work. Paid for premium. Very disappointed. Having issues with the new Apple OS update. Please fix

Doesn't work anymore

The last IOS update broke the app and the developers haven't pushed an update in months, we should get our money back, it doesn't even start anymore.


can’t even open the app anymore. crashes every time. bummer.

Broken under iOS13

Title says it all.

Crashes literally every time

No longer works at all. Crashes 100% of the time now. Total waste. Zero stars.


Paid for this app ~ once it installed, I clicked on it as it simply ‘blinked’ and continue to do so. I deleted the app, downloaded again and the same issue occurred. Enjoy my money RISE

App has been abandoned

Rise has stopped working with the release of iOS 13. Does not appear to be any effort to fix it. If you are running iOS 13 don’t bother downloading. It won’t work

Rise No More!

So sad to see my sleep companion gone. iOS13 took away what was the greatest alarm app in the store. I have searched and can’t find anything that comes close. Sad


I loved this app and had it for years. iOS13 killed it though. All my other apps that had growing pains because of iOS13 have fixed their issues. Rise has not. It won’t even open now. I have to assume they aren’t going to do anything about it though.

Stopped working after ios update.

This is no longer a working app.

Rise app no longer loads after iOS 13.1.2 update.

Until the most recent iOS update Rise worked reliably - now it crashes and refuses to load.

I miss this app

I wish an update would allow me to open this app. I liked the ease of it, the fact it would work with my do not disturb on (so I don’t have to remember to turn that off) and the sound variety. Now it closes every time I try to open it.

Don't work no more!

Not working with IOS 13... Please fix or refund my money!! Any attempts to start the app, it looks like it opens, then closes immediately. Can't set the alarm... Deleted and redownloaded - no change. Thank you,

Crashes with iOS 13 Update

This has been my favorite alarm app for years, and now will not open with the iOS 13 update. I hope the developers fix this! This really was the best alarm app!

iOS 13 issues?

I’ve used Rise as my primary alarm for years, but it suddenly stopped working after my phone installed iOS 13 over the weekend. I hope a fix is available soon.

Goodbye Faithful Friend

Always woke me reliably and performed as needed until the iOS 13 update, now the app no longer launches. Hoping I can find something similar elsewhere to replace what was my favorite alarm app.

App won’t open

Absolute waste of money since the app won’t open in the latest iOS update.

App crashes on iOS 13

Used to love the app. However, on iOS 13 the App crashes at launch.

Doesn’t work with new iOS

Please fix


Hello fellow dev here and the App isn’t opening on the iPhone11. Please repair. Thanks for sharing this app.

Crash City

Was good, now crashes. Reloaded still crashes.

Broken App - beware, it no longer works

Used to be a good app but no longer works with the latest IOS update (13.1.2)

Lost functionality

With new iOS update app is no longer visible after it opens. Too bad. Had been reliable and fairly attractive. Hoping developers will update.

Won’t Open Anymore

I used to use this app EVERY DAY, but with the newest update, it won’t even open. It just closes instantly every time. I really miss it, it WAS great when I used it. I used it to simulate the only thing I truly miss about having an Android: an alarm that tells you how many hours till it goes off. It worked great for me, and I hope they fix it soon.

This app no longer works with iOS 13.1.2

Rise launches and then quits. It’s totally useless now. I deleted it.

No longer works on Apple

I love this app, it’s beautiful, easy to use, and reliable. Sadly, it quit working when I updated my phone to the latest iOS☹️.

Crashes :/

Love the app, used it for years but there have been so many bugs as of late and after iOS 13 it crashes as soon as I open it. Only alarm app I knew of that played music from your library to put you to sleep and now I can’t even open it

Gone forever

Rise broke with the iOS 13 release. Farewell, then. I loved you very much and I’m sad that you’re gone, but that’s just the way life is.

Completely broken

Completely broken on iOS13. Do not buy

Used to be my favorite

Rise used to be my favorite alarm. With the upgrade to IOS 13 the program crashes upon opening. Emails to the developer went unanswered. I wish that they would upgrade this program so that once again it would be my daily driver.


Doesn’t work with iOS 13

Beautiful, but not always reliable

Used to love it, but it no longer works. In iOS 13, it won’t even open. Disappointing that the developer has taken the money and ran.