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Alarm Clock HD - Pro

by Alarm Clock Company

(15,475 user ratings)


Download size: 84.73MB
Version: 4.1.20
Released: 2011-11-09
For ages: 4+


Wake up and start the day with your favorite music alarm. Personalize your clock with unlimited colors. Create your playlist and fall asleep using the sleep timer. Enjoy...The time is right!

• Set Unlimited Alarms
• Set your favorite iTunes music as alarm sound
• Screen Saver: for devices with OLED display
• Sleep Timer - fall asleep to your favorite music
• Read the latest tweets of your Twitter Feed
• Follow the latest news from Google RSS Reader
• Local weather information
• Slide the clock screen from left to right to control the foreground brightness
• Instant Flashlight - shake the device
• Personalize your clock display
• Full watchOS 2 support

When the app is open, you can use the volume slider within the app. When the app is in the background, use the device volume to set your volume.

Terms & Conditions: https://impalastudios.com/terms Privacy Policy: https://impalastudios.com/privacy

As always, we appreciate your feedback.
Please email us at feedback@impalastudios.com with any suggestions or questions.
If you are happy with this update, please let us know by rating and reviewing us in the App Store!

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Customer Reviews
Alarm Doesn’t Sound

When setting an alarms the app alerts you that you need to turn on notifications within the apps settings and provides a link; the resulting display of the apps settings doesn’t have a notifications item like the graphic shown; and if you go into settings > notifications, the app doesn’t appear there at all The app USED to work great; now it just taking up space. Deleting...

Best Free Clock App EVER!!!

I've tried them all nearly!!! And I am not kidding! To me, this is the best! This clock has big numbers w the date, in any color & brightness you choose, w the weather & a flashlight too!!! So if you are like me & use your phone as your alarm now, it’s JUST PERFECT! Also, you can use your fav music if you want, as ur alarm wakeup call! I have one alarm (and you can set & save many different multiple alarms for diff days of the week that repeat or not also they are named as you want them for future use also!) You just have to slide lil button to turn them on or off!!! And that one I mentioned has about 6 songs on it!! I truly don’t ever rate ANY APP 5 Stars, EXCEPT THIS ONE! I am w the pro version and it is SOOO WORTH IT! I also like the news that scrolls along the bottom to keep me a lil more up to date... Just a Wonderful App! Very asthetically pleasing to the eye and engineered wonderfully to work perfectly ever time I’ve need it. I won’t EVER use Another alarm either as I don’t need too! I won’t either!!! (Well unless they change this 1 to something bad! Lol!) So just check it out, it’s free & I truly believe you’ll like it!) I’ve truly tried too many to count and this is by FAR the BEST!!! It’s Literally All 4 free!!! Tho it’s cheap to upgrade to Pro if u choose to remove the adds & that’s what I have, & It’s SO WORTH IT! Definitely the Best clock app out there!

Great Alarm clock

I've been using this app on my first generation IPad and it works like a charm. It's nice to know that this app gives my old iPad some use. Very happy with this app.

Does its job

It wakes me up so I can't complain.

Nice alarm app but...

...would be nice to have A LOT more alarm sounds to choose from. Very few sounds to choose from and the ones that are there are utterly horrible for the most part. Not everyone has Apple Music. But, as I said, still a nice and reliable app though.

Works great

I have been a loyal fan for three years. I rely upon this app when I absolutely MUST wake up!

Alarm sound fails >2X each month

If you like showing up to work late, get this alarm clock app and watch the alarm volume be ZERO for no reason at least twice a month for some mysterious reason. I have to use the 2nd place [7:00 icon] app in my testing as my 100% reliable backup alarm (it’s missing the sleep-to-music but has flip clock option - use it on my iPod touch). Impala developer keeps trying to fix their app. w/ 5 updates this year. Each time I think they fixed the bugs. This WAS my *fav* alarm clock app. It’s got all the prime features plus a bunch of others that are GR8. Beats 5 other apps I tested. I was using this app 3 years through variety of buggy versions. Tested all alarm clock apps w/ iPhone 8, iOS 12.4 OLD REVIEW 2018: Now the alarm has missed to sound correctly or at all twice on workday mornings in about a month of use. #UNACCEPTABLE CONTROL TEST: The Apple iOS does not seem to be the problem - My second (now primary) alarm clock has worked properly for 5 straight weeks w/ 2 alarms per day.

Reliable Alarm

You can count on this app working correctly every time you use it.


Love this app!! Use it at home and on vacation and it works perfectly!!!!!


Works like a charm everytime!

Good stuff

Used for like 5 years now. Never really failed me. Good job

Works great but...

I noticed that the app still gives a notification when I close the app even though I have that option turned off.

Great alarm

It does what I need it to and I like that you can really dim the screen.

Great alarm very useful

Really great alarm very useful. Highly recommended

Excellent clock and features.

Use it daily. One issue. The alarm rings if turned on when iPhone is not on silent. It doesn’t ring if the phone is on silent and the alarm is turned on.


I have found this alarm to be very reliable, and I like the snooze feature, with the gradual sound level increase!

Great Clock and Alarm! Very easy to use!

Have now used this clock program as my nighttime bedside clock and alarm for several years. It is versatile, accurate, reliable and customizable. The dimming feature allows it to be read throughout the night while remaining unobtrusive enough not to interfere with sleep. The escalating volume level of the various alarms will wake even the most determined sleeper! It is, by a wide margin, the best Clock and Alarm program I have ever used!

Best alarm clock I've ever used

Very well designed features. Have been using it for years. Amazing.

Love it!

I’ve used this App for years!! Love it!

Very good app..

Easy to setup.

Good reminder


Great app. Sensitive flashlight

I have been using this app as my alarm clock for years now and it really does work great! It’s easy to set up and customize. The only reason I don’t give it five stars is that the flashlight comes on too easily. Access to the flashlight is a convenient feature sometimes, but most times it comes on when I don’t want and blinds me in the darkness. Everything else wonderful.

Great AP, especially with Apple Watch

Have had this Ap for years now. VERY reliable alarm system , even while iPhone is charging. Awakens us for plane flights. Don’t remember what it cost but whatever, it is definitely worth it!

Not working properly

I’ve used this alarm for years, but after the last iOS update, the alarm has been hit and miss. This morning my alarm failed to go off. Tomorrow it will probably work. It’s gotten so bad that I set a backup alarm on my phone just in case it fails, which it does at least once a week. I’ve tried to be patient and install all of the current updates, but it is frustrating when I keep having the same issue over and over.

Was great

Taking more stars because the alarm still fails to go off. Searching for new options. I’ve been using this app for years, and have never had a problem with it, until recently. I don’t know if it’s the IOS update, or the app update, but for the third time in the last few months my alarm simply didn’t go off. Now I do use music from my phone as the alarm tone, but these bugs should be worked out if you’re going to make it an option.

Alarm Clock

Best Alarm Clock it’s the only one I use.

Awesome app

I’ve been using for years.

Great ap except

There are times when the alarm doesn’t go off. I have it set to the same time every morning. It gets frustrating and makes me late.


Just does what it says it will. Leave it lugged in and you are gld

Best Alarm App out there!

I have used a lot of different Alarm apps over the years, but this one's is there best! More options then you can imagine.

Used to be awesome

New update is completely broken. Or something. Quite frankly? It doesn’t work if the alarm is offscreen anymore. I nearly missed an exam and it made no noise at all!

Never fails

Always reliable

Too many glitches

I have used this app since 2013 and since getting the iPhone 12 have not been able to get this app to function properly. I have made sure all the settings are correct and even will do a test alarm at night which works and then for whatever reason the alarm I set for the morning continues to go off WITHOUT any sound! Why is this app so inconsistent and glitchy? I’ve emailed support about this same glitch on my previous iPhones and have appreciated their prompt reply but their apologies don’t help when I’ve overslept multiple times! While I appreciate the developers taking time to optimize this app, I don’t understand why this app requires so many updates especially when there haven’t been any significant new features released in the time I’ve used this app. I’m sad to say, if you need consistency in your alarms sound going off, I would avoid this app.

About to give up

I had issues with the alrm not going off. I reloaded the app. Now after using it twice the alarm went off the first time and did not in the second time.

Doesn’t actually work

The alarm doesn’t come on until you open the app.

Stopped working on my old iPad

I had 3 old iPads that I was using this app to display time. The app no longer works :(

Great Alarm App!!

Love this app! I've been using this app for several years and it hasn't failed me yet! Very dependable, and I like being able to create a host of alarm times and then just choose the 1 or 2 needed for the day and still have the ones I depend upon to alert me daily! I highly recommend this app.


Very reliable.... easy to use

Alarm not sounding

I have used this app for quite awhile and recently have had multiple times that the alarm does not sound. I have awoken to the clock face and the buttons to either “stop” or “snooze” alarm showing on the phone, but the alarm never made any noise — despite it being as much as an hour after the alarm time! The phone is not in silent mode, battery is charged, and volume is up. I have closed and reopened the app multiple times, but continue to have the same problem. The alarm is just not reliable anymore.

Alarm isn’t reliable to go off

Set two alarms because one may not go off. I set mine to music.

A Must Have App!!!

Excellent application! The blue color is perfect, being able to set the lightness/darkness contrast to whatever you want is absolutely super. You can wake up to your favorite song/s every morning. Being able to set an alarm and automatically have the music fade in softly is just outstanding. It is extremely easy to setup and change settings anytime. App is extremely well thought out! An absolutely must have app!

Needs work

Too slow to respond, just like aged apple and its software tricks...

Easy, Flexible, Customizable

Best alarm app out there. I’ve used this for years, and is one of the only apps I use regularly without complaint. The interface is easy, and fast. Alarms are very simple to program to suit my needs. The color palette is customizable and limitless. I like the customizable snooze, and endless snooze functions.


Even when I paid for app full price I still get adds . That not what I expected . Should be no add in paid apps.

From 5 Star to 0 Overnight

I have used this app for years & it has been a 5 star performer. It has gone to a 0 star has been overnight thanks to the iOS13 update. Will not work with my Xr & iOS13.

Sound doesn’t go off until I turn the phone on!

I have to turn on the phone first and click on the app before the alarm sound starts. That makes no sense at all.


Awful have to allow constant banners to Have alarm ring

Twitter works again

I use this program all the time. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks the twitter feed stopped working. i wrote to the authors several times requesting assistance. It seems that it is now fixed

4 Stars

I have used this app for years now and am mostly pleased with it. I can change colors and brightness easy enough. I can use my music to wake up to. I would give it a full 5 stars if I could change the screen display style or at bare minimum the font of the clock.